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2021 Fanatec GT World Challenge powered by AWS – Sprint Cup
2.3.4 of July

Grandstand A, B = Covered grandstand, with numbered seats and giant screen – from ‘Curva del Carro’ to ‘Curva Misano’.
Grandstand C = Covered grandstand, with numbered seats – ‘Curva del Carro’.
Family: For all the available areas reduced ticket for children under 12 for anly € 1,00 per day.

For further details about the promotions, please see “General Conditions” below.


1) The ticket must be registered
The ticket must be combined with the name of the owner, and cannot be given to an other person, due safety reasons. The ID card must be shown at the entrance in order to verify the match.
2) Updates about Covid 19 restrictions rules
Please, consider to visit periodically our website at the proper page about the event,  in order to learn about all the updates regarding the Covid 19 restrictions rules inside the Circuit.
3) Accessing the Circuit and behavior
a) The stay inside the circuit must be done in observance of the Covid 19 protocol, as reported on the website at proper page about the event, in addition to the several entrance gates. A periodic consultation regarding the website at proper page about the event of the event , that can be downloaded in the same website, is highly recommended in order to learn about all the features regarding this matter.
b) The control will be made through a barcode scanner and you will be allowed to enter and exit the circuit only twice, then your ticket will be invalidated. The check of the ticket before exiting the circuit is necessary in order to grant the next access.
c) The ticket must be kept until the end of the event.
d) The ticket owner is allowed to access the areas mentioned on the ticket itself only. The admittance to the circuit is allowed starting from 7:30 a.m. on Sunday; the exit from the circuit must be not after 7:30 p.m. of the same day.
e) Only pedestrian access is allowed into the circuit (no vehicles) and it is strictly forbidden to stay overnight, to assemble gazebo or any other framework or camping.
f) It is strictly forbidden bordering and grouping in areas not specifically mentioned on the ticket.
g) It is forbidden to set-up tents, gazebo and any kind of frames, and however to camp inside the circuit. Pets are not allowed at the circuit.
h) Glass containers (bottles, bowls, etc.) or any other stuff that could be dangerous are strictly not allowed inside the circuit.
i) The “event schedule” will be available on the website at the proper page about the event
4) Reduced FM/U16/FO are available for the following conditions
a) Federazione Motociclistica Italiana (FMI) members and Federazione Sammarinese Motociclistica (FSM) member, along with the proper member card at the tickets shop and at the entrance gate.
b) Italian police corps (Carabinieri, Polizia di Stato, Guardia di Finanza, Guardia Forestale, Esercito) along with the proper member card at the tickets shop and at the entrance gate.
c) Underage born on 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 along with ID card shown at the entrance gate.
d) People with disability from 34% and 73%, along with the invalidity certificate and the ID card at the tickets shop and at the entrance gate.
The owners of the tickets reduced FM/U16/FO that will not match the requested conditions and/or without the proper member cards as marked above, will not be able to access the event unless the ownership of a regular ticket.
Reduced tickets FM/U16/FO are not allowed to be combined with promotion combo tickets MotoGP/WSBK.
5) Reduced ticket Rosa for women
Women are able to gain reduced access ticket for every available areas and for all the sale periods.
6) Promotion Family for children under 12
Children under 12 (born after 1st of January 2009) are allowed to access the grandstand area with only € 1,00 per day, if accompanied by an adult holding formal ticket, and following the check of the ID cards at the tickets shop and at the entrance gate. Every formal ticket can be associated with only one reduced children ticket. All the formal tickets owners may ask for the Family promotion at the regular ticket shops, while tickets reduced FM/U16/FO/Rosa and combo MotoGP+WSBK owners, will be able to request this promotion at the ticket shops of the Circuit only, and until the maximum  capacity will be reached.
7) Special areas for disables people
Reserved areas will be arranged for people with disability, until exhaustion of space. People with disability equal to 74% and over will gain free entrance to the circuit, after submitting the request on the website at the proper page, and on exhibition of a document reporting the invalidity certificate, together with ID card. The free entrance for the accompanist will be allowed only if reported on the invalidity certificate. People with disability from 34% and 73%, along with the invalidity certificate and the ID card, will be able to purchase the reduced ticket.
8) Tickets refund
The tickets will not be refunded in case the event would be cancelled due force majeure or after the event has started. As ‘event start’ is meant the first entrance of the riders on the track as expected by the official schedule. In case Covid 19 pandemic restrictions will force the event cancellation the tickets will be refund following the proper procedure. If for the same cause, the event will be postponed, the tickets will be still valid, or the refund will be allowed, following the proper procedure.
The eventual refund would be made on the ticket price amount excluding the sale rights, commissions, delivery cost, VAT if requested, etc. Furthermore Santa Monica S.p.A. is not responsible for any other claim, damage and loss resulting from the cancellation of the event.
In case of refund the customer has to keep the ticket and follow the instructions that would be posted on the website and on the website where the ticket has been bought. The refund would be never made on the same day of the event and/or at the cash desk of the circuit.