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Guidare Pilotare

Guidare Pilotare started as a safe driving school in 1982: the first in Italy. Since 1999 the school has offered also courses for motorbikes and since 2005, for commercial vehicles. Since 2009, the school has become the DAF official school and since 2013 BMW Motorrad official school. Since 2014 it has run BMW Driving experience.
The experience and the area of the training programs of Guidare Pilotare include and develop the knowledge of all issues contributing to security: the man, the vehicle and the environment.
Guidare Pilotare is certified ISO 9001:2008 by the certification body CSQ.
Its quality assurance policy requires a continuous monitoring of the teaching processes and their development in relation with the technological improvement of vehicles. This fact leaded the school to become accredited as training center by the region Emilia Romagna.
Guidare Pilotare registers the highest catchment area of private customers from Italy. Morevover, among its customer there are also prestigious authorities as the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministery of Home affairs, the Carabinieri corps, the traffic  police and city police of several districts, in addition to prestigious Italian and Foreign companies. Since 1982, Guidare Pilotare has trained more than 330.000 pupils! A considerable contribution in driver’s and road users safety. We have worked in the safety field also abroad: in France, Spain, Albania, Romania and India. A strong contribution towards reducing accidents has emerged from an investigation carried out from 2007 to 2012 using a sample of 1.122 pupils: -36%

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For information, please call +39 0541 612540 or write to [email protected]

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The entrance is the same as the Circuit at Via Daijiro Kato, 10