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Coppa Italia Velocità

  • Zone
    Full price
  • All Areas
    free entrance
  • All Areas
    € 10,00
  • All Areas – reduced DONNA/U18/Disabled 34%-73%
    € 8,00
  • All Areas – reduced FMI/U14
    € 1,00
  • All Areas – reduced local
    € 1,00
  • All Areas
    € 15,00
  • All Areas – reduced DONNA/U18/Disabled 34%-73%(*)
    € 10,00
  • All Areas – reduced FMI/U14(*)
    € 1,00
  • All Areas – reduced local
    € 1,00
  • All Areas
    € 20,00
  • All Areas – reduced DONNA/U18/Disabled 34%-73%(*)
    € 15,00
  • All Areas – reduced FMI/U14(*)
    € 2,00
  • All Areas – reduced local
    € 2,00


Reduced FMI Card – U14: € 1.00 per day, applied to members of the Italian Motorcycle Federation and to minors Under 14
Reduced resident: € 1.00 per day, applied to all residents of the Municipality of Misano Adriatico
Reduced WOMAN / Under 18 / People with disabilities 34% -73% (see price list above)

1) Entrance and stay at the racetrack
a) Entry and stay at the facility is subject to compliance with the health protocol to contain the contagion from Covid 19, which can be consulted on the website on the page dedicated to the event, as well as displayed in the various points of entrance. It is strongly recommended to periodically consult the website on the page dedicated to the event and the relative web-app downloadable from the website itself.
b) the control to enter the racetrack will be carried out by means of barcode readers, and it is allowed to exit and re-enter the circuit up to a maximum of two times, beyond this limit the ticket will be invalidated. In order to be able to access the system again, it is essential to have the ticket enabled at the time of exit.
c) It is mandatory to keep the ticket for the duration of the event.
d) The ticket holder will have limited access to areas open to the public. Entrance is allowed starting at 07:30 each day, leaving the circuit must take place at the end of the program of each single day.
e) Inside the racetrack only pedestrian access is allowed (without vehicles) and it is not allowed to stay overnight inside.
f) It is strictly forbidden to enclose and delimit. It is forbidden to group in areas not specifically related to the ticket itself.
g) It is not possible to set up tents, gazebos and structures of any kind and in any case to camp and it is absolutely forbidden to bring animals.
h) It is strictly forbidden to introduce glass containers (bottles, glasses, etc.) or material deemed dangerous for the safety of people.
i) It is strictly forbidden to introduce any type of Drone and its use into the racetrack.
l) The times of the event will be available on the website on the dedicated page by downloading the “event program”.
2) Reduced WOMAN / U18 / Disabled 34% / 73% applied to the following types of public:
a) Women have the right to reduced admission in all sectors.
b) Minors born in the years 2002,2003, upon presentation of an identity document, which must in any case be shown even when entering the circuit.
c) Owners of a disability between 34% and 73%, upon presentation of the official document certifying the disability both at the time of purchase and upon entering the racetrack together with the identity document.
3) Reduced IMF Card – U14 € 1.00 per day, applied to the following types of public:
a) Associates of the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FMI) and associates of the San Marino Motorcycle Federation (FSM), upon presentation of the valid name card both at the time of purchase and at the time of entry to the racetrack.
b) Minors born after 1 January 2004, if accompanied by an adult holder of the grandstand ticket, will be able to take advantage of the reduced ticket. Upon entering the racetrack it is necessary to present an identity document of the minor.
4) Reduced Resident: dedicated to the inhabitants of the municipality of Misano Adriatico
5) Areas equipped for disabled people
Will be set up, until availability, points enabled to accommodate people with disabilities. The person with a 74% disability percentage will be able to access for free by presenting the official document certifying the disability together with the identity card, upon entering the racetrack. Free access for the accompanying person will be allowed only if accompaniment is provided on the certificate of disability.
6) Ticket refunds
Tickets will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of the event due to force majeure or after the start of the event itself. The start of the event is the first entry on the track of the drivers foreseen by the daily program, regardless of the category. If due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation, the event is canceled in advance, or carried out partially or entirely without the presence of the public, the ticket will be refunded according to current legislation. If the event is postponed to a new date, again due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation, the tickets already purchased will remain valid or a refund may be requested, again in accordance with current legislation. Any reimbursement will be made exclusively for the amount of the ticket, excluding presale rights, commissions, shipping costs, VAT if due to the tax authorities, etc. etc. Furthermore Santa Monica S.p.A. is not responsible for any other claims, damages and losses incurred resulting from the cancellation / displacement of the event. In the event of a refund, the customer must keep the ticket and follow the instructions that will be published on the website and on the website of the ticketing circuit where the purchase was made. Under no circumstances will the ticket be refunded on the day of the event at the circuit box office.