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Coppa Italia Velocità

28.29.30 June
4.5.6 October

The Event

The program of the first Simoncelli race weekend is rich.
The new formula is extremely captivating which provides, for all championships included in the cup weekends, the double round, with a race on Saturday, held over 7 laps starting in quick restart mode (with only the mechanic and very short preparation times), and one on Sunday, on the canonical length of 10 laps.
The following trophies are expected on the track: ITALIAN AMATEUR TROPHY – PIRELLI TROPHY – DUNLOP TROPHY.

Visit the official websit of FMI for further details

Admittance tickets

Visitors will be allowed to access the event from gare SQUARE and Grandstand B.
Paddock access is granted to insiders attending the races only.

Special admittance

People with disability from 74% and over have the possibility to attend the event for free on a proper platform if on wheelchair, otherwise at Meadow.
In case the companion is required, make sure this feature is reported on the disability certificate, granting his/her access as well.