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Finali Mondiali Ferrari of March
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The Event

Finali Mondiali, a unique event

There is one event that fans of the Prancing Horse and motorsport in general simply cannot miss: the Finali Mondiali Ferrari.
A real celebration of the engines and gems created in Maranello that have won the hearts of fans all over the world, through the initiatives that the men and women at Ferrari Attività Sportive GT have organised in this very different year.
The Finali Mondiali celebrates the end of the Corse Clienti racing season, bringing together the final stages of the Ferrari Challenge and the last few kilometres of the year for the F1 Clienti and XX Programmes in four days.
The GT spirit will be embodied by the Club Competizioni GT cars and the official Ferrari Competizioni GT drivers, who are usually involved in the world’s most important and competitive GT championships.
As usual, the climax is on Sunday with the main challenge of the Finali Mondiali, which sees the best single-make drivers from all over the world competing against each other, before the extraordinary event involving the Scuderia Ferrari, delivering a stunning performance year after year.

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